Designed for you, designed for life

Jetweels was developed based on over 13 years of experience providing wheelchair services for the largest and busiest international terminals in the U.S.
CEO of Jetweels

Esma Dahbali

Welcome to Jetweels, With its combination of technology and security, Jetweels is the Transport chair of the future. We invite you to travel in style, and perfect form and function.


We took all the issues passengers had while traveling with a disability and we solved them with Jetweels. Backed by an amazing product, we then created a customer-centric company making customer service the main priority.


Our mission is to empower those traveling with a disability and provide them with an experience they can be proud of. We aim to lead the charge not only in the advancement of Transport chair technology but also innovation through design.

Our Promise to You

We will be the easiest company you do business with. We always keep our promises, and our track record proves we go above and beyond for our customers and partners.


In 2007, PAX Assist opened its doors as a New York-based “Wheelchair Only” service company. Pax Assist immediately began working on technology innovations to improve the quality of service provided to passengers who needed a wheelchair while reducing costs for their airline partners. Two years after launch in March 2009 Pax Assist captured 70% of JFK Terminal Four airline clientele.

After continued innovation and multiple successful deployments, in April 2013 they bid for and won the Terminal Four contract as the sole wheelchair provider for all IAT clientele. In July 2017, Pax Assist bid for and won the JFK Delta T2 contract.  Due to the resounding success with T2, they were awarded the entire JFK Delta contract in November 2017.

Pax Assist took their knowledge from assisting millions of passengers with disabilities and developed Jetweels as a solution to many travel-related problems.

Partner with us

Join our journey to provide innovative mobility solutions to numerous industries.

What sets Jetweels apart?

  • Innovation is at the core of everything we do
  • We customize Jetweels to meet the needs of our customers
  • Jetweels support team are fully trained in all aspects of the product
  • Worlds first Non metallic Transport chair, can pass through metal detectors
  • Jetweels is recognized for safety, comfort and its quality at Hospitals, Airport Terminals, Airlines, Sports Arenas, Theme Parks and by the customers.