Jetweels does hereby warrant the transport chair parts for the period of one year from the date of shipment. We warrant the product to be free from defects in material and workmanship for the applicable period. In the event of a defect, we will repair or replace (at our election) the defective parts. This warranty is subject to the Conditions and Limitations contained below.

limitations on warranty:

  • This Warranty is not applicable to claims resulting from or attributable to any fault or damage caused by improper installation or assembly by the purchaser or their agent, incorrect handling or exposure to corrosive conditions, improper attachment to the transport chair, damage arising from impact, natural wear and tear, use of unsuitable spares, unauthorized alteration and modification to Jetweels product, inappropriate use or treatment of the transport chair, or extra-ordinary conditions including but not limited to war or natural events. Weather related events, hail, wind and snow (in excess of rating), unusual weathering, improper installation, damage during shipping*, excessive exposure to chemicals or other materials, or negligence are not covered under the warranty.
  • This Warranty is not applicable if the customer has used improper sealants, or otherwise improperly installed any materials.
  • Warranties are not applicable unless and until the Customer has provided documentation of the proper installation and use of the materials, satisfactory to Jetweels.
  • The cost of labour for removal and installation of any parts that are replaced in customer site is not included.
  • Shipping of damaged or defective parts is not included.
  • This Warranty does not cover the radial ball bearings, seatbelt and seatbelt buckles. Any such warranty is exclusively the responsibility of the original manufacturer.

This Warranty is personal to the Customer, and is therefore not transferable or assignable. The responsibility of Jetweels and the manufacturer is limited to the cost of replacing or repairing any damaged or defective parts.

This Warranty is subject to the conditions of Inspection and Discovery of Damaged or Missing Parts.

The following conditions must be met as part of any warranty claim:

  • Customer shall ship the defective part to let Jetweels for examination, unless Jetweels makes other provision for inspection of defect or alleged damage.
  • Payment for shipping costs on warranty claims shall be at the discretion of Jetweels.
  • All claims must be made in writing. You must make your claim within 30 days of the date of discovery of the defect or damage. Jetweels is not responsible for additional loss or damage resulting from delays in making claims and correcting defects.
  • Customer must provide proper documentation of the purchase, satisfactory to Jetweels.
  • Any warranty claim must be made by the original customer who purchased the product from Jetweels.
  • Warranty claims must be made within the applicable warranty period. Any warranty work or services provided by the manufacturer or Jetweels during the warranty period will not extend the original warranty period. Any action to enforce this Warranty must be commenced within four months of expiration of the original warranty.

claims & return policy:

Our goal is your satisfaction with your order. If you are not satisfied, please contact us within 30 days of receiving your order and we will do everything reasonably possible to assure your satisfaction.



Please remember that it is the customer's responsibility to timely discover and report all damage or shortage in materials or parts within 30 days of delivery of product. Please also remember that shipping packaging is not weatherproof, so appropriate storage measures should be undertaken upon receipt of Jetweels product.



Within 2 weeks of return of your shipment, Jetweels will offer a refund, credit, exchange, consignment, or a combination of these compensations to total the full market value of the shipment as returned.


Claims Procedures:

1. Jetweels will make appropriate adjustments, at their election, for damaged or shorted materials or parts within 30 days of delivery.
2. Upon approval of a return and the issuance of a return authorization you may return your order to the company upon the following conditions:
- Carefully prepare the material for return. Use the original packaging, if in good condition. If not, then use appropriate packaging to protect all materials and parts.
- Include all parts. Missing parts, if not reported to Jetweels as part of the original claim, will not be refunded.
- Note any damaged or missing parts at the time you make your claim and in the shipping container.
- Contact Jetweels to arrange for return shipping and delivery.


Customer Credits:

1. Upon return of the product, Jetweels will inspect them and determine the resale value if any.
2. The value may be reduced by the replacement cost of missing or damaged parts not reported in your claim.
3. Not available for refund:
- Shipping costs
- Cost of customizing, or custom parts.
- Custom ordered materials are not returnable for a full refund.

call center warranty

Customer Service

We have taken every care in the purchase and sale of this product to ensure that it gives complete satisfaction. In the unlikely event that damage has occurred in transit, or shortage of components is evident, please forward the details of any damage or claim to Jetweels.

*We will work with you and the shipping company to resolve any damage during shipping. Reimbursements or replacements are processed after claim is final.

For questions about our Warranty or procedures, please contact our customer service center at:
(833) 538-9335 Ext 1